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The Florida Council
on Aging is
committed to serving
Florida's diverse
aging interests
through education,
and advocacy.
FCOA's Core Values

Founded in 1955, the
Florida Council on
Aging is Florida's
only statewide
representing virtually
all aging interests
and many different

Membership Categories and Fees

  • Individual
    • Membership for those whose professional or personal affiliations and interests support the purposes of FCOA.
      • $65.00
  • Student
    • Individual membership for full-time students.
      • $20.00
  • Retired Senior
    • Individual membership for those who are retired and 60 years of age or older.
      • $20.00
  • Non-Profit/Public Organization/Government
    • Membership for any organization with non-profit or public status. Extra benefits include sending as many attendees as desired to the Florida Conference on Aging at the reduced registration rate. Organizational members may also sign up for a logo-link to their website.
      • $225.00
      • A Logo-Link: $50.00
  • Corporate/Business
    • Membership includes reduced registration fee for all persons from the same corporation at the annual Florida Conference on Aging and a free website logo-link. Businesses displaying at conference will receive a reduced rate on exhibit booth fees.
      • $700.00
  • Patron
    • An FCOA member who makes a yearly, tax deductible, contribution to FCOA of $125 or more in addition to their annual dues.
      • $190.00 or more
  • Tiered and Lifetime Dues Structure
    • Individual
      • $1,000
    • Corporate
      • 3-year Membership, $1,890 (Savings of $210)
      • 5-year Membership, $3,062.50 (Savings of $437.50)
      • 10-year Membership, $5,950 (Savings of $1,050)
      • Lifetime Membership, $25,000
    • Organization/Non-Profit
      • 3-year Membership, $607.50 (Savings of $67.50)
      • 5-year Membership, $984.50 (Savings of $140.50)
      • 10-year Membership, $1,912.50 (Savings of $337.50)
      • Lifetime Membership, $10,000

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Note: FCOA member dues are not tax deductible as charitable gifts, although they may be deductible as a business expense on individual tax returns.