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The Florida Council
on Aging is
committed to serving
Florida's diverse
aging interests
through education,
and advocacy.
FCOA's Core Values

Founded in 1955, the
Florida Council on
Aging is Florida's
only statewide
representing virtually
all aging interests
and many different



Standing Committees are established in the FCOA Bylaws. Members are encouraged to join a committee of their choice. If you are interested in participating on a committee, please e-mail the committee chair, or e-mail the FCOA office.

Committee Descriptions

GENERAL COMMITTEE PROCEDURES: FCOA Standing Committees serve the Board by reviewing and exploring issues related to the committee's subject area and purpose; the Chairpersons of Standing Committee are appointed by the President. Ad-Hoc Committees may be appointed by the President, the Executive Committee or the full Board to address a particular issue. Committees develop recommendations and present them to the Executive Committee for consideration. The Executive Committee will address each recommendation presented by a Standing Committee and act on it in accordance with the FCOA Bylaws. Standing Committees may not implement committee recommendations without permission of the Executive Committee or the full Board.


  • Assist in the implementation of the FCOA Strategic Plan, with regard to advocacy goals and objectives.
  • Develop recommendations about FCOA's involvement/response to advocacy issues and take further action where indicated, in accordance with FCOA's policies.
  • Develop policy statements and other documents for dissemination to public officials and others.
  • Inform/educate members about legislative issues through FCOA publications and email alerts.
  • Communicate with Associated Organizations to learn of their legislative concerns and activities, and to advise them of FCOA activities.
  • Issue an annual call for nominations for the FCOA Advocacy Award; receive nominations and develop a recommendation for the Board's approval.


Laura Brock, Chair
Christine Cauffield
Mary Ellen Poe
Max Rothman
Chris Fisher
Rosalyn Roker
Bill Aycrigg
Charlie Robinson


  • Assist in the implementation of the FCOA Strategic Plan, with regard to membership goals and objectives.
  • Review membership benefits and membership fees.
  • Periodically survey membership to determine satisfaction, etc.
  • Review and revise, as needed, membership publications, in coordination with the Marketing & PR Committee.
  • Develop an annual membership growth plan, and carryout any special membership campaigns.
  • Serve as a communication liaison between FCOA associated organizations and FCOA.
  • Strengthen the relationship between FCOA and its Associated Organizations to achieve the goals outlined in the Terms of Agreement and the FCOA Strategic Plan.
  • Review all petitions related to Associated Organizations and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees.
  • Monitor all Associated Organizations Terms of Agreements and review in accordance with the terms.


Erin McLeod, Chair
Terri Barton
Jeff Johnson
Ann Thompson
Susan Ponder-Stansel (Ex-Officio)


  • Assist in the implementation of the FCOA Strategic Plan, with regard to marketing/PR, publications and Web site goals.
  • Submit articles for publication, as requested, or assist in the recruitment of articles.
  • Ensure that feedback regarding all FCOA publications is obtained.
  • Upon request, review draft copies of FCOA publications, as may be appropriate.
  • Establish priorities for Web site content.
  • Review proposals for Web site sponsors and advertisers, and make recommendations to the Executive Committee for final approval.
  • Ensure that the Web site offers members and potential members online information about FCOA's services.
  • Ensure that the Web site communicates and enhances the activities and goals of the FCOA Strategic Plan.
  • Provide status reports to the Board.


TBD, Chair
Karen Deigl
Dave Lynn
Andrea Busada
Jane Tuten
Cathy Kerns


  • Develop conference theme.
  • Establish overall conference schedule, including special events, and assist in the selection of key speakers.
  • Review conference-related contracts as needed.

Awards Sub-Committee

  • Help to promote the Awards Program (disseminate forms, etc.)
  • Ensure timely and accurate communication with FPL as the primary sponsor of the Awards.
  • Review all Quality Senior Living Award nominations.
  • Select award winners.

Program Planning Sub-Committee

  • Oversee development and dissemination of the Call for Presentations.
  • Review all proposals for presentations resulting from the Call for Presentations.
  • Review any requests for special arrangements, for example, any honoraria or other costs for presenters.
    Select workshops to be conducted at the conference.
  • Assist in the development of workshops on special topics.
  • Review the purpose, audience and topics to be presented in FCOA Leadership Academies.
  • Create overall goals for the Academy concept and review/update periodically.
  • Explore opportunities to further develop FCOA's capacity to conduct or convene training sessions.

Local Planning Sub-Committee (LPC)

  • Advise FCOA Conference Committee and Management Firm on local information & resources.
  • Develop local information guide to restaurants, events and attractions, local shopping opportunities, etc.
  • Promote the Conference locally, including a special focus on single-day registration; announcements in area newspapers, where appropriate, and other strategies.
  • Arrange and coordinate local tours. When appropriate, arrange and coordinate local tours to special programs related to aging programs and services; organize trips to area attractions.
  • Transportation and sign-up arrangements are coordinated and arranged by the LPC, in close communication with the FCOA office.
  • Recruit and coordinate volunteers for: Exhibit Hall; Registration Desk; Workshop & Intensive Facilitators; CEU Registration Desk; Runners (on-site); Runners (off-site); Other special needs.
  • Identify local entertainment resources for staff to follow-up on for special events. For example, the Committee might recommend a local band or other entertainment.
  • Organize and host the hospitality suite, including decorating, special amenities (e.g. popcorn or other dry snacks), sign-up boards for any activities, etc.
  • Secure local sponsors to "fund" the Hospitality Suite, coordinating recruitment efforts with the primary recruiter for conference sponsorships.


Kathy Hyer
Rodney Guttmann

Conference Co-Chairs:

, FCOA Conf. Co-Chair
, FASP Conf. Co-Chair
, DOEA Conf. Co-Chair

Awards Sub-Committee

Program Sub-Committee

, FCOA Co-Chair
, FASP Co-Chair

Local Planning Sub-Committee




Although not a Standing Committee, the Nominating Committee operates under very specific guidelines outlined in the FCOA Bylaws, Article XII. The following guidelines are dictated by the Bylaws:

  • Five members are elected at the Annual Business Meeting to serve on the Nominating Committee for one year; the previous year's Nominating Committee provides a list of nominees.
  • Consideration is given to geographic representation.
  • The President designates one of the elected members to serve as the chairperson.
  • The Nominating Committee presents a slate with one or more nominees for the following: each office, each At-Large position on the Executive Committee, each vacant position on the Board of Trustees, and a slate for the next year's Nominating Committee.
  • The Nominating Committee must present the slate in writing at least sixty days prior to the election to the FCOA Tallahassee office.
  • FCOA must present the slate to the membership at least 45 days prior to the Annual Business Meeting. Election will be by written ballot sent by mail to paid members. Additional nominations by written ballot, with prior consent of the nominees, will be taken.

In addition to the Bylaws, the FCOA policy statement on Cultural Diversity also provides direction to the Nominating Committee: "The FCOA Nominating Committee will include cultural diversity as a factor in the process of soliciting, reviewing, and developing a slate of officers and directors for election by the membership." (FCOA Policy Statement on Cultural Diversity, adopted by the Board of Trustees, 2/13/97)


, Chair