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    The Florida Council on Aging is committed to serving Florida's diverse aging interests through education, information-sharing and advocacy.

    • Why You Should Join FCOA

    • What People are Saying about FCOA

    • Benefits of FCOA Membership

    Why You Should Join FCOA

    As a professional, student, retired senior or individual interested in aging-related disciplines, you need to stay connected to the aging network.

    The Florida Council on Aging is your best connection, bringing you award winning publications, a website, a comprehensive statewide conference on aging and more.

    Founded in 1955, FCOA is Florida's only statewide association that represents all aging interests and many different disciplines. Any individual or organization in Florida interested in aging should be a member of FCOA.

    What People are Saying about FCOA

    "FCOA is a first-rate organization that keeps abreast of aging issues and creates coalitions that build necessary networks throughout Florida that advance the eldercare agenda." Gwen Yates, Councilwoman, Jacksonville City Council - District 8, FL

    "FCOA provides the state-of-the-art training that allows each member to grow professionally."  Sue Maxwell, former System Director, Older Adult Services Lee Memorial Health System, Ft. Myers, FL 

    "FCOA is the only statewide aging organization that brings together professionals, academics, and advocates  to address issues critical to the future of aging in Florida." Max B. Rothman, Executive Director, Alliance for Aging, N. Miami, FL 

    "If you want to be a part of a group that provides the opportunity to interact and influence policy and programs in health care, management, and academia that affect the aging Floridian, FCOA is the organization." William E. Hale, M.D., Retired Physician and former Director of the Florida Geriatric Research Program, Dunedin, FL 

    "FCOA is one of AARP's strongest partners in Florida. Their emphasis on cutting-edge information and training produces truly effective advocates." Bentley Lipscomb, former Florida State Director, AARP, St. Petersburg, FL

    Membership Benefits

    A statewide network of professionals in aging actively exchanging ideas and building creative solutions.

    Opportunity to learn best practices in aging. 

    Excellent career-starter for students. 

    An annual training conference featuring experts in the field; FCOA members receive discounted registration; FCOA organizational members may send as many attendees as desired at the member registration rate. Fast access to information on aging issues and trends through the FCOA Network Alert (e-mail alert system).

    A monthly publication (The Past Issues of AgeWise).

    An membership directory with resource guide.