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    Virtual Education Showcase

    The Florida Council on Aging is pleased to announce the launch of the FCOA Virtual Education Showcase!  The monthly webinar will address topics of interest to FCOA members, partners and people working with, or advocating on behalf of, older adults.

    Webinars will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month through July 2021, and will be about 1 hour long.

    Registration is free for FCOA members and 2020 Virtual Florida Conference on Aging attendees.  For all other registrants, we request a $15 donation to the Florida Council on Aging.  Use the link below to register!

    If you are interested in sponsoring or presenting, please contact us at [email protected] 


    JANUARY 12, 2021 Webinar

    Webinar Topic: Assistive Technology for Older Adults and People with Disabilities

    Session Description:

    The Florida Council on Aging presents Assistive Technology for Older Adults and People with Disabilities.  Partners FAAST and Best Buy Health will discuss what is assistive technology and how it can help you and/or your clients.  Assistive technology (AT) is any tool to help you complete a task more independently. Learn the wide variety of different types of assistive technology available and how FAAST can help you navigate the world that is AT. 

    Best Buy Health will discuss how providers and families can use PERS (Personal Emergency Response Services) to meet the health and safety needs of older adults and people with disabilities.  They will connect attendees with services to address social determinants of health as well as meeting client emergent and non-emergent needs.


    Jesse Hansen is the Regional Demonstration Center Coordinator for FAAST at The Family Cafe, providing people with disabilities in northwest Florida with information, training and access to assistive technology. He has been with the organization since 2015.

    Darren Buatti works for Best Buy Health/Critical Signal Technologies (CST) as the Partner Engagement Manager, Region 1, Medicaid.  Darren leads the account management efforts for Managed Care, Government Funded and Integrated Delivery Networks across the U.S. and has been with the company since 2017.

    Olivia Adams is the Senior Manager of Partner Engagement Region 1, Medicaid for Best Buy Health/Critical Signals Technologies (CST). Olivia leads and develops a team that is responsible for program implementations, engagement, and ongoing performance.  Olivia has been with the company since 2016.

    Presenting Partners:


    Presentation Slides

    Link to PERS Video

    DECEMBER 8, 2020 Webinar

    Webinar Topic:  Bridging the Virtual Care Gap with MedArrive - Serving Seniors at Home

    MedArrive enables healthcare providers to seamlessly extend care services into the home, unlocking access to high quality healthcare for more people at a fraction of the cost. 

    Co-founders Dan Trigub (formerly head of Uber Health) and Inna Plumb (of Redesign Health) will discuss how MedArrive’s platform allows providers and payors to bridge the virtual care gap, integrating physician-led telemedicine with in-person care from EMS professionals. Patients are able to access trusted medical expertise from the comfort and safety of their homes without any interruption to continuity of care, ultimately resulting in better patient outcomes, a better utilized healthcare workforce, and significant cost savings for patients and providers alike.

    MedArrive has more than 20,000 highly-skilled EMS providers in its national network, and services span dozens of clinical use cases including urgent care, complex condition monitoring, and medication administration. 


    Dan Trigub is the CEO and co-founder of MedArrive. Previously, Dan led Uber Health, which provides Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) across Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial populations. Before Uber, Dan spent 2.5 years at Lyft as Regional VP of Strategic Partnerships with a focus in healthcare.  He previously spent time working in Business Development at eBay and founded several companies including OpenPlacement (acquired by Ensocare), a care coordination platform allowing hospital professionals to connect with post-acute care providers for their patients at the moment of discharge. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Dan worked in consulting and was an Associate at GCA Savvian Advisors, an M&A and Capital Advisory Investment Bank in San Francisco, where he represented emerging technology, digital health, and healthcare providers. Dan holds a degree in economics from Vassar College.

    Inna Plumb is the COO and co-founder of MedArrive. Previously, she spent two years as a Partner at Redesign Health where she helped found multiple businesses across consumer healthcare and led the Venture Building Team. Previously, she spent three years at Blue Apron, where she oversaw the company's national procurement operations from Series B to IPO. Prior to joining Blue Apron, she was with the Soros Private Equity group, where she worked on deals in the restaurant, insurance, and healthcare spaces. Before joining Soros, she was a banker in the M&A division of Evercore Partners representing clients across industrial and chemical sectors. Inna graduated from the Huntsman Dual-Degree Program in International Studies and Business at the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Finance from the Wharton School and International Studies from the College of Arts & Sciences.

    Link to Presentation


    NOVEMBER 10, 2020 Webinar

    Webinar Topic: Flu vs COVID-19: Why the Flu and Other Vaccinations are Important this Year

    From small pox to polio to measles to meningitis, vaccinations save lives.  Both Influenza (Flu) and COVID-19 are contagious respiratory illnesses caused by different viruses and some of the symptoms are the same.  Recent data indicates that patients who had a flu shot were less likely to need hospitalization if they were to contract COVID. Dr. Beth Malko, Florida Blue Medicare Chief Medical Officer, will discuss why it’s so important to catch up on preventive care you may have delayed due to COVID-19, including getting all needed vaccinations.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the latest updates and get your questions answered!

    Learn more about Drive Up and On-site Vaccination Clinics with Walgreens and how to make vaccines more accessible. Also on this webinar, representatives from Walgreens will provide information on available vaccines, Florida Blue Center Drive Up Vaccination Clinics, and the off-site vaccination clinic scheduling process.




    Links/Resources of Interest:

    Florida Blue Handouts - Strong Defense Against Flu, Statewide Flu Shot Flyer, Florida Blue Centers Community Specialist Flyer, 2021 General Wellness Guides and Flu Season Flyer

    Walgreens Presentation - Setting up a Vaccination Clinic w/Walgreens in Florida



    Vaccinations for you and family:


    It’s Flu Shot Time:

    Retail Center Drive Thru Flu Shot Clinics:

    OCTOBER 13, 2020 Webinar

    TOPIC: "Caregiving and COVID"

    Caregiving is an important part of the lives of many people and can be challenging during the best of times.  This webinar will talk about caregiver supports, self-care tips and handling stress during a pandemic.  Additionally, Sunshine Health will highlight supports they provide to their members.  A brief Q & A will follow the presentation.


    Presentation Slides